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"Just how smart are you?" "What? I read."

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fauvistfly asked: I love the trope of practice kissing. Sterek nervousness!


Stiles is home from college for a few days and he’s at Derek’s place, supposedly researching magical amulets, all the while going on and on about this date he has next week, and how he doesn’t even remember how to deal with humans anymore, like, when was his last real, actual kiss? Almost six months ago now and that was just a one-off with Malia while they were pretending to make out in the car while on witch-watch, and how HOW is he supposed to keep up a normal, healthy dating life with so much supernatural crap going on in his life? He has accepted that sex is something that happens to other people but at the very least he should be able to get a kiss or two in between crises and not, you know, FORGET how to do these things. It’s unnatural is what it is. He needs to get a better life. He needs to get better friends. He needs friends who would occasionally kiss him, just to remind him, you know—

And that’s where Derek does that whole sigh-pout-eyeroll thing and says JUST GO AND KISS SOMEONE. GO.

And Stiles is like, I’m not gonna assault people with my bad kissing—

So Derek - long-suffering and a little crazy in the eyes - pulls him up and tugs him close and grabs his face and kisses him.

It’s uncoordinated at first, Stiles looking shocked, eyes open wide, frozen in spot, but Derek never does anything halfheartedly, so he gives it his best go, teasing Stiles’ lips open and slowly coaxing him into the kiss.

And then of course Stiles is ALL IN, climbing Derek like a monkey, toppling them down onto the couch, worming his way into Derek’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck and wow, they are so good at this.

Stiles’ lips feel bruised when Derek finally pulls back. They’re both a little dazed and a lot disheveled, and Stiles thinks he can totally be forgiven for not having any clue what Derek’s talking about when he asks Stiles if that’s enough practicing.

They stare into each other’s eyes for way too long for just friends practicing kissing, and then Stiles is leaning in again, going with his gut, placing a small, lingering kiss on Derek’s lips, almost a question, and when their eyes meet again, Derek kind of looks wrecked and scared, so Stiles rubs the tips of their noses together, like reassurance or an apology or something, and then—and then Derek gets it.

His arms tighten around Stiles’ waist and he maneuvers them on the couch until he has Stiles pinned under him, to which Stiles responds by wrapping his legs around Derek’s waist, pulling him tight against him, and they’re not even kissing yet, just panting into each other’s mouths with anticipation and it’s still the best thing to happen to either of them in ages. Derek’s brain can’t even comprehend what the sex would be like if this is just their first kiss.

"You should maybe call off that date," Derek says against Stiles’ lips.

"Done," Stiles rasps with a shiver and buries his fingers in Derek’s hair.

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Another doodle for the selfie Actors AU posing during a break.  Can you tell what chapter they’re on? XD
I hope you like! :P


Another doodle for the selfie Actors AU posing during a break.  
Can you tell what chapter they’re on? XD

I hope you like! :P

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I am really, extremely, amazingly excited to announce the release of my new Hello Pronoun stickers! I posted about these on twitter last night, but I can finally talk about them at length a bit more here. 

The stickers read “Hello, address me as:_________, Please use: ________”, allowing you to declare your name of choice and preferred pronouns immediately upon meeting people. These have been my pet project over the last week or two and a lot of thought has gone into their production. The colours were specifically chosen to be nongendered - no pink or baby blue (The Ze/Hir/Hirs looks a bit blue in these pictures but is really solidly teal), They rather specifically do not read “my name is” to head off people being dicks about “Is that REALLY your name?” because frankly it doesn’t matter if it is or not because it’s what you fucking go by. (Besides which, the concept of a true name is pretty bullshit unless you’re looking into demon summoning) I feel like there are a lot of great potential uses for these! They’d be great at school LGBT-club meetings or other large gatherings where you’re likely to meet a lot of new people, like conventions. They can be used right after coming out to help people who’ve known you for a while adapt to your new name/pronouns. If you’re genderfluid, you can use them to declare your preference on any particular day (and I’m looking into some more permanent buttons that’d make this much easier). They can even be used to remind that one old friend who can never get your damn pronouns right. Overall, it seems like these’ll be a wonderfully useful thing for folks under the trans* umbrella to have around and I’m really happy to have made them.

Obviously I couldn’t cover every pronoun variation/combination, particularly on the first run of stickers, but I tried to cover my bases on common nongendered/third gender pronouns. I’m completely open to taking requests for additional stickers, though, and if I get enough requests for a particular pronoun set I’ll be glad to maker a sticker for it.

I’ll have these with me at SacAnime this weekend for 1/$0.50, 5/$2, and 10/$3. They’re currently available on my Storenvy at 5/$2 - I’ll be adding 10/$3 after the con, at the moment I just want to make sure I don’t run out as I’ve only printed up 160 of each design.

These are good for cons. For real. Necessary. Especially with so much cosplay. It trips me up sometimes.

Is it weird that I will respond to he or she? I just like… literally don’t give a fuck. I wrote “any pronoun is fine” on my sticker at 221B

Love love love these.

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In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate”



what if when you meet your soul mate you gradually start seeing in color and the first color you see is…

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Have you ever played a video game where you have to sleep to recover? They only let you do it if everything is safe. Otherwise they won’t let you sleep. You’ll get a message, saying “You cannot sleep now, there are monsters nearby.”

Now, remember the last time you just couldn’t get to sleep?

I do.

Don’t you fuckin do this to me

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